The Surge

The Surge!

The Surge!

My words are failing me again like the knees of a weak man…. My keyboard isn’t popping up any longer.

My thoughts are acting as if there’s a surge in my thinking…. My mind is struggling to make way and fighting to open up as a conduit emitting inspirations!

Young man, I heard there’s a fluctuation in your spiritual journey…. Probably the consistency is in diaspora.

Young lady, I discovered an uneven movement of the waves in your life!… Are you going at the wrong speed?

Why is there a surge???

The wind is breaking… Or did someone send a windbreaker into the atmosphere?

Why am I seeing darkness and light simultaneously???… Is someone playing with a torchlight at the far end?


Why am I seeing the smoke of a revived prayer life today and a dead one from the same source tomorrow?…. Is someone joking somewhere?

I can see a man walking in alignment and later treading the path of misalignment. Did he misplace his map?

I just hope someone can explain why this is prevailing!

Is someone tired of making the chase?

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If you can give me a mind-blowing reason that will convince me, I’ll stop thinking about this!

Even the word “joy” is currently experiencing inconsistencies wherever it goes!!!

Or should I document another lettered-poem to you?… It might convey my words better.

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There are things we must pass through in this life but what matters most is finishing strong.

If you’ve found joy, hold on to it and never lose it.

If you’ve been revived, struggle to walk in that path!

Anything you find doing, do it well and consistently!

Avoid inconsistencies!!!

Stop the surge going on in your life by taking actions!!!!!

From me to you 💕🧡💐💐🌷


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