The flight

The flight

The flight

The writer’s burden disguised as words. Words aren’t failing him but hopefully the keyboard will pop up.

The ink isn’t drying up but surely I hope the pens will be enough.

The thoughts are colliding randomly in the upper room of the body which reminded me of my physics where I learnt about “brownian montion”. But there were contradictions as I remembered my biology where I was also taught about how “osmosis” works….maybe I should just call it “an osmotic thought dressed in a brownian motion skin”.

Who will take note of the words to be penned down?… Can someone cage the eagle for me as I really need to converse briefly with it.

The eagles are many but just one should be enough to divulge the words to be spoken to the other eagles because the time has come!

Eagle I need your attention.

I heard you fly so high, is that true?… I also discovered how sharp-sighted you are… true is that? Your features are advantages!

Oh dear eagle, keep the words I speak to you in the clouds since you fly so high and guard the words with your eye. I also eavesdropped somewhere that you have sharp claws so I charge thee to grab the words and hold them firmly.

Your strength is not of this world so you have no problem guarding the words.

Can I commence?

Eagle, why haven’t you ascended to the holy mountains?

Why have you decided to settle on the ground? 

Why have you been so slow?

Know ye not that your time has come?

I was coming from the hills and saw your fellow eagles flying to the holy hills.

Why aren’t you joining the flight?

Are you weak?

Beg for help if you’re tired. The other eagles will carry you along to the mountains.

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To lay aside every weight, you must first ascend to the hills. The master will come!!!

Eagle, eagle, eagle!!!…. The host awaits your response to the clarion call. Hear the sound and follow it because you are the sound!

The eagle must be purged but only on the mountains. It might take a while for the commander to show up but be present when he arrives!!!

Ohhh… The winds just whispered to me that the secret to renewal of strength is waiting.

Wait wait wait!!!

It doesn’t matter how long but just wait so that you won’t miss receiving your marching orders!!!

Let every eagle from the four cardinal points ascend to the holy hills. Let them be taught the ways of the primogenitors that they might have the dominion they were called to have.

If you are confused go to the book of Isaiah 40:31.

That’s the promise of the commander to every eagle that waits patiently.

The eagle is you!

The eagle is me!!

The eagle is us!!!

The time of flight is near!!!

Do have a delightful week ahead.

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