The chase

The Chase

The Chase!

Can you partner with me and let’s make this chase.

Are you sure you’re courageous enough to embark on this?… Don’t join me and back out later.

Give it a thought and decide if you agree…. You must be ready to protect the mantle through this journey.

Are you ready to chase after excellence?….. Are you ready to defy all odds?…. Are you ready to eschew mediocrity?…. Are you ready to journey?

Can you hang on?

It’s still blurry for now but if we make the chase through the haze we’ll see the effulgence at the other end.

Are you really willing to join me in making this chase?

Check this out too: A lettered-poem to you!

Can you forget the things that are behind and press on for something more than gold?

Can you exercise patience?… We are going through processes.

If you want to chase all the aforementioned above then let’s do the needful.

Check Matthew 6:33….. That’s our foundation for the chase!

We will get there!

Let’s chase diligently and effortlessly!!!

Thank you for accepting to join this chase!

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