It’s all rusty down here…

My lines are fading away..

My ink is drying up…

It’s been a while here..

Old posts eliminated like cobwebs..

That’s by the way, I’m back!

Let’s talk passion today!

What is your passion?

What’s drawing your attention lately?

Don’t think too much before getting your answer.

Don’t look too far before you discover it!

Your passion is what you’re yearning for so badly!

Don’t tell me you have no passion for anything because we were designed as entities of perpetual wantings and cravings!

Wanna find out what your passion is?

Then check your addictions!

Weigh your desires!

Set the compass and observe the direction!

You’ll discover your passion.

As creations of continual longing for one thing or the other, passions and addictions will always come knocking!!!

You can be addicted to something negative or positive be it an object, a lifestyle or even someone!!!

What’s your gaze?

What is taking your time?

Time is a revealer of things sir!

It will surely surface one day whether you like it or not ma!

Your passion is directly proportional to your chase!

It’s a matter of choice so rejoice as we can’t be forced to make a particular choice.

It’s in your heart!

“Guard your heart for out of it are the issues of life!”

It’s up to you now

Make your decision….

Remember our past conversations when we discussed “THE CHASE”!

So I ask again…


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20 thoughts on “PASSION”

  1. What is your passion?
    What makes your heart weep?
    What would you like to change in the world?
    There’s a lot to choose from, but there is always one or two that truly resonate with one.
    I’m glad you shared this. I got value. Thank you.

  2. This kind of light….

    We should be able to close our going concern this year, once you avail the coordinates…

    We are proud of you Mayor of life!

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