Hey there, “paratus” ???

Let’s move on then! How do I put this?

Should I go the ways of poetry or just freestyle like an essay?

The mind is prepared but the letters are all staring at me as they refuse to assemble to become meaningful words!

It reminds me of the day I went Blank!!!

Can you give me a word of hope that’ll make me “Fortis”

I think I’m going the ways of Biggy, “The billion dollar poet”.


Did you receive the mail I sent to you? It was titled A lettered-poem to you!

This article is another push for you to join The Chase

If you don’t understand yet, you might need to click the highlighted words in blue!

Permit me to be your driver! Let me drive you on this highway of words!

Where are the wonderful men and women going through this write-up? Let me fly you in the aeroplane of inspirations!!!

Or better still, let the words I write unto you be a soothing balm for your wounds!

To find out the authenticity, you can journey far above the hills and ascend deep into the skies. It’s very possible because you’re an eagle! So feel free to make The flight

Remember we are still on a journey. It’s a journey of faith, but I heard someone is tired and about to give up!

If you wanna give up, think about the title of this article! You might want to study the etymology for better understanding!

“Paratus” is a latin word which means “ready”. I think I’m beginning to enjoy using latin words because they look readily available like prayers in the life of a passionate kingdom chaser!!!

Always be ready to move on.. no matter what happens! If you want to give up, look up to heaven and ask for help!

If being “paratus” is your watchword, it will reduce your chances of being frustrated. Be ready for the future and every challenge.

If you find a depressed soul, tell them I said “never hope for the rope” . Apart from being courageous, readiness to face life will be an advantage!

By the way, what’s your favourite language? I’ll be awaiting your responses in the comment section. 🤗🤗

Thanks for reading through! 💕💓💗



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