The rays of the evening sun smiled at me and said “I give out my last rays of hope daily before going to rest so that anyone who still needs to get something done can do so before the night visits”. I couldn’t comprehend the sayings initially until the night came and i sought for my dim lamp which refused to give light as there had been power outage for days. I saw in it, a frail and poorly effulgent lamp!

”Oh dear, why did this lamp forget to ask for a little ray from the sun”, I thought.

Is that why they always told us to make hay while the sun shines? Maybe I’m being too rigid! Let me try the simple way.
I’m a conduit emitting hope and joy! Feel free to tap by convection.
The morning came, I woke up refreshed and beaming with smiles that clearly spelt out hope as I was sure that the day would probably be better than the last one. I eagerly awaited the evening rays as I finally got to charge my lamp and had already gone through a productive and fulfilling day! The evening came around but the rays refused to show up! I was confused……. I pondered the whole situation and the answers came rolling in like a scroll.

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Everything might not work out as planned but there’s hope for a better tomorrow! Invest with what you have today to prepare for your tomorrow!!!
Is that why they told us that there’s light at the end of the tunnel?


Someone told me to look closer that I’ll see an effulgence in every situation that’s all masked up in black! Can you teach me how to back out or I should just forge ahead and hope for a change? If you back out too there’s only one outcome, you’ll not be able to achieve what you planned but if you stay and press further, there’s a probability of winning. That’s why you can’t give up in a race when one person overtakes you because if you keep pressing on, there’s a chance of you catching up with the person and still winning the race!!! Even if you are not sure of what lies ahead of you in this life’s journey, always remember….. “Christ in you, the hope of glory”.
Hey you, yes you! Don’t turn back and join the tired ones on the lazy and hopeless bench! Keep pushing forward and apply more momentum. There’s a ray of hope somewhere in the dark for a better tomorrow! There is hope for a tree that is cut down because at the sight of water, it shall spring back to life again!!!

See you there, Cheers! 🥰👊🏳️

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12 thoughts on “Hope!!!”

  1. Chef Mayor
    For this timely words, Jah bless you.
    You have depth guyyyyand you’ll never cease to amaze me.
    See you there too.

    Yours in wickedness,

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