“In the face of difficulties circumvented by uncertainties lies a lion within you”… These were the words that kept repeating itself in my head daily as I grew.

I gave it a deep thought and agreed to it. I decided to carry out a research on the potency of these words and realized that it’s something that has been handed over to us by our primogenitors who also passed through the land, experienced difficulties in certain areas and still came out victorious!

It’s all down to us to tame or unleash the lion!!!

Every potential must be backed up by something. Don’t rack your brain yet I’ll take you into the light of what I’m writing just stay with me!!!

Have you heard of Fortis???

If you’re “Fortis” you might be able to stand when the difficult seasons visit.

“Fortis” is a Latin word which means “courageous”.

Now it’s making sense right?

The lion(potential) in you must have a strong backing before you can rise to face the challenges…. The backing is to be “Fortis”. It takes a lot of courage to invest and venture into something, the moment you begin to doubt or make fear your guest then you’ve started taming that lion and the courage isn’t near until you engage it!!!

Is there anything you need to face???… Using hard drugs is never the answer……. The rope is not the way out too… Just be “Fortis”!!!

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Remember….“in the face of difficulties circumvented by uncertainties lies a lion within you”.

So I throw it to you…. As a Latin man would ask you….

Vir Fortis es?… Which means “are you courageous”?????

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6 thoughts on ““Fortis””

  1. Goodness!!!!! .
    Only those who have once become overwhelmed by challenges can relate.
    Vir Fortis es?
    More grace bro

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