Comrades here, comrades there.

I can sight one marching like a weakling.. I moved further and found another  sleeping on duty like a tsetse fly victim…. The third one had his headsets on which prevented him from obeying the clarion call. I thought about this and knew that something was wrong!!!

I saw a battalion of soldiers all turning back against each other, “the camaraderie is gone”, I said.

The city is in danger! The citizens aren’t safe any longer.

The soldiers in charge already excavated the buried hatchet! Disaster is creeping in like a lion that’s about to attack it’s prey.

Who shall save the people?

Who will stand in for a generation?

I can hear the drums of war!

I see from the soldier’s camp, a thick smoke spreading into the atmosphere like rumours!!!


The enemy is about to take over the city!

The soldiers aren’t looking bothered!

Should we say they no longer want to protect the citizens because they are civilians?

Did they charm them?

Did someone shoot an arrow of confusion into the air?

Isn’t that the spirit of confusion dancing in one corner?

The soldiers must come from a point of divergence to convergence if they must salvage the situation!

Then I remembered “the flight” in one of my articles.

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Can you tell the eagle that it’s the soldier in the army of God!


If there must be a change, you must come together again!

Let the soldiers assemble!

Before I close this, permit me to enlighten you on this article.

We are the comrades!

We are the soldiers!

The civilians are the people who need help!

The enemy is the devil!

If we must dethrone the enemy, we must come together in the name of our God!

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Happy new month lovelies 💕💓.



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