Hope!!! The rays of the evening sun smiled at me and said “I give out my last rays of hope daily before going to rest so that anyone who still needs to get something done can do so before the night visits”. I couldn’t comprehend the sayings initially until the night came and i sought for …

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COMRADES Comrades here, comrades there. I can sight one marching like a weakling.. I moved further and found another  sleeping on duty like a tsetse fly victim…. The third one had his headsets on which prevented him from obeying the clarion call. I thought about this and knew that something was wrong!!! I saw a …

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The flight

The flight

The flight The writer’s burden disguised as words. Words aren’t failing him but hopefully the keyboard will pop up. The ink isn’t drying up but surely I hope the pens will be enough. The thoughts are colliding randomly in the upper room of the body which reminded me of my physics where I learnt about “brownian …

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