It’s still blank…..

The day has broken and my thoughts are open. The letters were far away last night like a knight who is far away from the princess’ castle.

My lamp gave a dim light probably hoping with it’s last rays that I would get the lines for the rhymes perfectly even when I’m not perfect.

There I sat in my room on my reading table till the night visited.

I was looking for the perfect time and moment.

I eagerly awaited the wind of inspiration for motivation but the wind did not show up.

Dad said “it’s the writer’s devil” which happens to every writer….. My friend Ikenna, said “silence the noise in your head and become a tool in the hand of the letters”.

I really need to be a source of inspiration to someone. A depressed soul needs to read my articles to become hopeful. The words I write must heal a wounded and broken soul!!!

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I have to write because the king is anticipating my letters which I promised to send through his messengers.

Just when it all looked hopeless, the king sent me a word. “Christ in you the hope of glory”…… These were the words sent to me!!!

My spirit leapt for joy on hearing this and I realized that it’s sometimes okay to be short of words.

Now I joyfully end this write-up having learnt something new and I hope you did learn too!!!

Stay cool and never lose your joy!!!

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9 thoughts on “Blank!!!”

  1. Aaah you are modern day Psalmist.
    You are very skilled.
    May God continue to bless you.
    Keep writing i have turned on notifications for all posts from you.
    I’m fairly new on blogging platform so im looking for good bloggers to interact with .
    I’m glad i found you.

  2. “It’s sometimes okay to be short of words” Writer’s block sucks of a truth, buh I guess it can be a blessing in disguise sometimes.
    A powerful message you got there! “Christ in me, the hope of glory.”…I affirm.✨ You inspire someone already, you just may not know it yet.
    Thanks for sharing!

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