Beholding the beauty



Over the years, I’ve carefully observed certain things one of which is “beholding”. Beholding the beauty isn’t just a thing for me as I had taken it to be! I’d love to share few of my observations and inferences with y’all just as we always did to the chemistry examiners in the practical examinations.
As we behold the beauty in certain things, we discover the beauty in beholding too!!! Hmmnn… you might want to read that again before going further….

I never liked anything relating to nature or having to take time to swim in the rivers of beholding nature from the beginning of my days but as I began to grow, I could no longer ignore and deny the fact that nature is something beautiful to behold! Influence and exposure will always go a long way in changing our perspective towards life.. which is why we must choose our friends wisely!!! Talking of influence and exposure, I had friends who really showed me the beauty in beholding nature…


Many of us like to look into the mirror just to know how and what we look like… that’s why we can never forget how we look like anytime and anywhere!

My close friends will never forget how I look like and vice-versa. Even when I’m in the crowd, they know I’m there either by hearing my voice or having the instinct that I’m close by… this is because we’ve spent so much time beholding one another!!!
Beholding goes beyond emotions… it is tangibly real!!!
If you attended a boarding school, you will agree with me that you can easily identify your cloth from afar when you spread it to dry… this is one beauty of beholding. This was possible because you’ve beheld the cloth countless number of times!
Beholding has a strong influence in our mentality!  What you behold becomes a part of you. I also came across a particular bible verse during one of my  study last year. That’s it below….

”But we all with an unveiled face, beholding as in a glass, the glory of the Lord are transformed into the same image from  glory to glory “
2 Corinthians 3:18 

I couldn’t comprehend what this meant but I had to meditate on it until after a year when the answer slowly danced into my room… It dawned on me that beholding transforms us!!! If you truly want to  be transformed, that’s the answer above! It has a very strong power to define us at the end of the day. A man who is used to watching explicit contents will one day behave like what he has been seeing, someone who likes watching comedies MIGHT unconsciously turn out to be a very funny person and anyone who likes to spend his/her time exploring nature will love to take pictures!
”Beholding” isn’t just a mere word, it’s a powerful one too!!! As we progress in life, What we spend time to see will become a part of us and eventually manifest either positively or negatively.




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