A lettered-poem to you

A lettered-poem to you!

A lettered-poem to you!

Hey there, can we talk?

It’s very important.

Why are you down?…. Is it because of your current situation?

It looks as if things aren’t falling in place for you right?

There are solutions!

Have you trusted God?… He’s got the key solution.

Have you tried to focus?… There’ll be progress.

Have you learnt the ways of dependence on God?…Surely you’ll see an effulgence!!!

Dear friend, it’s too early to give up because your time is not up.

If you feel like giving up one day just call for mayday.

The distress button at that point will relieve you of your stress.

Life is not a bed of roses so everything cannot be rosy.

Have you fumbled in any area?…Be humble to listen to corrections.

No matter how bad the economy of a jungle is, a lion can never eat grass!

So why trying to settle for a lesser version of you?

Protect that mantle, guard that focus and hold on firmly to that rhema meant for your progress!

If you fall, you rise again!!!…. The grace is available for the race.

Don’t hope for the rope as an option when life looks hard because it’s not a solution.

Through the vicissitudes of life, you are not alone because the strife will soon be over.

Have a delightful week ahead.

With love from me 💞💓💗

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