Month: August 2021



Blank!!! It’s still blank….. The day has broken and my thoughts are open. The letters were far away last night like a knight who is far away from the princess’ castle. My lamp gave a dim light probably hoping with it’s last rays that I would get the lines for the rhymes perfectly even when …

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“Fortis” Hmmnn……”Fortis”….. “In the face of difficulties circumvented by uncertainties lies a lion within you”… These were the words that kept repeating itself in my head daily as I grew. I gave it a deep thought and agreed to it. I decided to carry out a research on the potency of these words and realized …

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The flight

The flight

The flight The writer’s burden disguised as words. Words aren’t failing him but hopefully the keyboard will pop up. The ink isn’t drying up but surely I hope the pens will be enough. The thoughts are colliding randomly in the upper room of the body which reminded me of my physics where I learnt about “brownian …

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My alma mater

My Alma mater (3)

My Alma mater! Welcome to the final part of the narration “my alma mater”. Though it’s been a while here as I had to unavoidably take a break due to some hitches. A big “thank you” to everyone who has been following and supporting….. remember, “together we can do this”. In case you missed the former post …

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My alma mater

My Alma mater (2)

My Alma mater! Welcome to the second part of this write up on “My alma mater”. If you’re just joining us please be sure to check out the “part one” of this narration to avoid confusion. So with this, let’s continue. I’ll be starting my write up with life as a prefect in FEGO. Ever …

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My alma mater

My Alma mater (1)

My Alma mater! Ever heard of the word “alma mater”? Of course, I’m sure we all have an idea of it. So without further ado let’s save ourselves the stress of stretching the word and get to business! So, I’ll be talking about a very great college in this country which is my alma mater. …

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PASSION! It’s all rusty down here… My lines are fading away.. My ink is drying up… It’s been a while here.. Old posts eliminated like cobwebs.. That’s by the way, I’m back! Let’s talk passion today! What is your passion? What’s drawing your attention lately? Don’t think too much before getting your answer. Don’t look …

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