Its in you


ITS IN YOU! ”Peak, it’s in you“!!! This was the common saying all around us in Nigeria as we grew because there’s this brand of milk called “peak milk”. Whenever we hear “peak”… our response is “its in you”. Now I tell you, its in you! What is in you? Peak milk? No! Something more …

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Thank you


THANK YOU! It’s been two months…Thank you! Two months of getting a domain for this blog! Two months of engaging the audience! I wasn’t sure of how it was going to be but I carried on. Days when I was down, your comments and views kept me going! I’m really short of words right now… I …

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Hope!!! The rays of the evening sun smiled at me and said “I give out my last rays of hope daily before going to rest so that anyone who still needs to get something done can do so before the night visits”. I couldn’t comprehend the sayings initially until the night came and i sought for …

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COMRADES Comrades here, comrades there. I can sight one marching like a weakling.. I moved further and found another  sleeping on duty like a tsetse fly victim…. The third one had his headsets on which prevented him from obeying the clarion call. I thought about this and knew that something was wrong!!! I saw a …

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Blank!!! It’s still blank….. The day has broken and my thoughts are open. The letters were far away last night like a knight who is far away from the princess’ castle. My lamp gave a dim light probably hoping with it’s last rays that I would get the lines for the rhymes perfectly even when …

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